What is ‘Eating Like an Outlaw’?

OUTLAWS are well aware that the bendy positions they get themselves into are but a tiny fragment of the vast concept and practice that is YOGA. As appealing as the idea of twisting into a pretzel or floating effortlessly into an arm balance is, yoga offers countless health benefits, spiritual guidance, and personal empowerment and growth. The Five Foundations of Outlaw Yoga actually mention very little about ‘asana’ or the movement through these postures. For reference, here they are:

1. Cultivate Mindfulness on and off the mat.
2. Do the Discipline of your personal practice.
3. Choose Boldness in yoga and in life.
4. Find Acceptance for old ways of being by breaking though to new possibilities.
5. Create Connection in the studio and beyond.


These principles are acknowledged in all aspects of daily living, including-you guessed it-eating.

Eating is a basic human need. Each and every one of us requires nourishment to survive, and the earth (ever so kindly) provides us with it. So why has something that is, in theory, fairly simple become so damn complicated and manipulated? Every day I stumble across news of the latest-and-greatest diet plan, or peruse an scientific research report explaining  “Predictions of Biodiversity Response to Genetically Modified Herbicide-Tolerant Crops” and I’m dumbfounded.

Young and old alike are on a quest for the magic potion to solve their mountain of problems. Many want to pop diet pills, or down protein shakes, but don’t understand the first thing about real nutrition and what their bodies truly need. Your meals are the building blocks of you. You create the recipes for your energy or exhaustion, your aging and your sleep. Diet affects all this and much, much more.

As a nutritionist, I know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all prescription for a nutrient dense, calorically appropriate, and halfway delicious diet. That’s why I want to dedicate my time and knowledge to helping yogis (and non-yogis) figure out what works for them. Pairing the right foods for your body with a dash of mindfulness, discipline, boldness, acceptance, and connection can transform your life in ways you didn’t even know were possible.


Are you ready to change the way you interact with food?
Young plant growing in sunshine
Eat Like An Outlaw



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